Terms of Service

Rights and Responsibilities

These terms include all interractions with zuzoz and zuzoz.com. By using zuzoz / zuzoz.com you accept these terms.

  1. Content and information sharing
  2. All information you share on zuzoz is on your responsibilitiy. Also:

    1. zuzoz is a public platform and is available to everyone. Any information you enter here might be viewed by users of zuzoz.
    2. Your requests and opinions are valuable for us. As you do not have to share those with us, we have no responsibility regarding any information you have provided to us.

  3. Security
  4. We are doing our best to ensure zuzoz to keep safe, but we can not guarantee it anyway. Our users accepts the listed commitments while using our services.

    1. You won't publish commercial communications (such as spam).
    2. Without our permission, you won't collect the content or information (with automated tools, harvesting bots, robots, spider or scrapers) of other users, or you won't access to zuzoz.
    3. You won't install viruses or malicious codes.
    4. You won't request another users access information or won't access to another accounts.
    5. You won't publish any content contains hate speech, threatening, pornographic or incite violence images or texts.
    6. You won't use services of zuzoz for illegal, deceptive, malicious or discriminatory aims.

  5. Protection of the Rights of Thirth Party
  6. We respect other people's rights, and we expect the same from you.

    1. You won't publish or share any content which violates the rights of other users. You will not have that kind of action.
    2. If we notice that your post violates any of our terms, we are free to remove your content.

  7. Cancellation
  8. These terms can not be undone. zuzoz may chose to stop serving you the free public service without prior notice even if it is the case, you will still have to co-operate with the terms here.

  9. Disputes
    1. These terms are legally protected and zuzoz might follow up with a law suit.
    2. Any damage caused by your actions is your responsibility and zuzoz will co-operate any law enforcement.
    3. We do our best to keep zuzoz up and runing but this is not our responsibility. We keep all rights of zuzoz and can chose to act as we wish at any given time.

  10. Other
    1. us, we, our and ours indicate zuzoz.
    2. These terms are final and cover and replace all previous contracts anyone using zuzoz is a party to these terms.
    3. Even if any part of these terms become invalid or loose its application, the rest of terms will still be valid and in use.
    4. You are obligated to follow up all these terms and you can not bypass or ignore any of them.
    5. You are not allowed to change or adjust any parts of these terms.
    6. You are not allowed to transfer your rights to any 3th party without our permission.
    7. We keep our right to sell or transfer our rights to any third party.
    8. Any terms on this post will not require you or us to break any law.
    9. These terms does not create any benefits to any 3th party.
    10. These terms protect rights given to you on zuzoz.com
    11. You are bound with the laws of your reisdent country when you are using zuzoz.com