About Us !

zuzoz was born in 2015 as an humor page idea wihtin a small group of people while they were joking to each other.

Then we decided to create a entertainment platform where we would reate a community who are interested in humor and beyond.
This effort brought zuzoz.com to live. And we are working on it to improve in everyway we can.

zuzoz.com launched on 1st of April 2016 and as it can be seen, all we are after is having some fun together.
Almost every entry on our platform is generated by Troll's whom are disquised as humans around the globe.
Our mission is to put a smile on as much as people we can and once we reach the enough number of smiles, we are going to coat sun with dirt and Troll's will walk around free once again!

Viva la zuzoz!